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About This Project - By Alex Johnson

WTC North Tower on 9 11 01. This project really started when I was sitting and listening one night to a recording of a song from one of my early music releases, an album titled "Music for Earth Orbit". As I was sitting there listening, all of the sudden I had a very strong visual image of the attack planes hitting the Twin Towers on 9/11... I saw it all in slow motion.

The vision that I had was clear and very strong. I knew right away that these images would work with this music. It seemed to me that the music would bring out the emotional impact of the disaster.

One of my goals with this video was to create a representation of 911 that was universal in nature. I wanted it to appeal to people of all nationalities, of all languages, and backgrounds from around the world. I believe the music lends itself to the universality of this disaster.

WTC Scene from 9/11. In my album "Music for Earth Orbit" the music was designed for the emotional state that I imagined I would feel if I were laying in a spacecraft looking out the window and viewing the earth go by beneath me. It was designed for a weightless environment and to take in and absorb the profound beauty of the earth.

The piece of music which underlies the video "WTC 9/11" is a song titled "The Color Was Blue". This piece of music was very deep, and somber. It was unlike any other piece on this album I recorded in that it's nature and mood was more dark, mysterious, and profound. I believe that the common link in the music that works well with the 9/11 video footage is a sense of surrealism and deep emotion.

For me, the music sets a mood of profound dignity, respect and solemnity. It also brings up emotions of sadness and loss.

That tone is one I think is appropriate to remember this horrible day and all those who lost their lives. I also think it is appropriate to remember the families of those killed or wounded in this attack with the same solemnity, dignity, and respect.

It is my goal to remember this fifth anniversary of the attacks on the World Trade Center with a creative piece of video and music which marks the occasion by again experiencing the intense emotions, shock, and disbelief of that day.

Alex Johnson
July 29th, 2006

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