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Music Video High Resolution Download Page

To download the High Resolution Version of the WTC - 9/11 Music Video use the link below:

WTC - 9/11 Music Video High Resolution Download - .WMV 65 MB

Just RIGHT CLICK on the LINK ABOVE and then click on "SAVE TARGET AS" -
This will prompt you to save the file to your computer.
Click "SAVE" and wait for the download to finish.

WTC - 9/11 Music Video High Resolution Download - .MPG 249 MB
(If the .wmv file doesn't work on your system, or you have a MAC, use the .mpg file.)

NOTE: These are large files. It will take a minute or two to download, so have patience.

After you download this file you can CLICK ON THE FILE TO VIEW IT...
OR burn your Own DVD using your DVD burning software.

This is great for showing on TV's or Big Screens for Groups.
The sound and images are the best available here.

This video is COMPLETELY FREE, so please enjoy it, make copies,
show it in any way you like
- PASS IT ON to everyone you know!


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5th Anniversary Memorial Music Video September 11th, 2001



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